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August News 4

Lord of Light, book two of the Sons of Tyras Series, is finally out! Stop by at Amazon for your copy today.

I have looked forward to sharing this story with you. Brez Elathean is one of my favorite characters among the Sons of Tyras, and I love the challenge that Klari Marisel gives to him in this story. And not just her. Brez has her family to deal with along with a small army of her people, not to mention his own people. There is plenty of trouble to go around. As the tag line says, how can there possibly be a future for them? You’ll just have to read to find out!

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In other news, the third book in this series is already in the works. Lord of Fire will be coming soon, featuring Danaerus Lucthien and Aeliana Eloria. Danaerus has decided when it comes to his turn that he must choose a wife, he wants an even tempered woman who can keep her emotions contained. But Aeliana is so adept at hiding her feelings that she seems to be made of impenetrable ice. Danaerus is suddenly not sure he wants what he bargained for. Is Aeliana really that cold? Or is there some secret that she is hiding? Can Danaerus melt her icy heart? Or will he shatter it?

Stay tuned for this and more!