The Sons of Tyras Series

Book one

The Dragon Lord

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Nick Beldan was dead. On a cold winter day in 1814, Isabel saw it with her own eyes, her beloved husband, laid into his coffin and buried under the good English earth. So how is it now, two years later, in a mysterious castle, in a foreign land, stands this powerful Moldavian lord, Lucian Tiurean, looking in every way like Nick?

Is Lord Tiurean, who is anything but English, capable of weaving delusions into mortal minds? Isabel has been told he is, and it becomes more obvious with each passing day that he is determined to have her. When he blatantly takes her out of the hands of her traveling companions and sends them on their way, Isabel is suddenly left with no help and only her tenacious resolve not to let this frighteningly powerful lord use Nick’s visage to rule her.

He is not even human, as she knows it. So how can she trust anything he’s showing her?

Lucian Tiurean, the Black Dragon of prophecy to his people, wants the impossible, a woman that is forbidden to him, a woman with common blood. For though Isabel Beldan lacks even the smallest scintilla of the power that sings through the blood of his people, the song in her blood stirs an insatiable hunger in him, and a determination to do whatever it takes to have her. But can Isabel accept what he is? Can she forgive his deception to her? And even if she can, does Lucian dare to damn her to the consequence of the Black Dragon claiming her?

It is a price she may pay with her life. For even he does not have the power to usurp what has been foretold.

Lord of Light

Book Two

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For centuries her people fought a race of men with terrifying powers and silver tongues of deception. How could she have let her guard down?

Brez Elathean betrayed her trust just as Klari thought he would. He’d charmed her, enthralled her, and hid from her what he was, an enemy with frightening powers. He is everything she’s been taught to fear. Everything she’s been taught to destroy, and he has callously taken her heart.

Brez knew what Klari Marisel was. Her people hunted his kind for centuries. To love her was forbidden to him. Brez knew that going in. To have her was a dangerous game to play. Brez knew that too. When he returns Klari back into the hands of her own people, her trust in him broken, he knows she will never forgive him. Neither will they. Now they seek to destroy him while he has discovered he needs their help more than ever to find an ancient and deadly artifact that could destroy them all.

The Judas Rose Trilogy

A Civil War secret society that few knew about, the men that would bring them down and love that dared to stand up to the tests of their time.


Judas Rose Trilogy
Book One

Secrets so dangerous her mind chose to forget.Secrets so important he must find them out.

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In the dense wilds of Confederate territory Jillian Sinclair wakes in the arms of a stranger with no memory of her own to count on. Is this dangerous looking and quite capable Union major the husband their compromising situation implies? Can she ignore the undeniable attraction between them? Should she trust him? Or should she run?

After six harrowing days of chasing down his prisoner in the Louisiana wilds, Cole Garret is in no mood to challenge her on this new ruse she is playing. As long as he isn’t having to put up with her fiery defiance she can have her  pretense over her feigned memory loss. She can have her pretended misunderstanding about their matrimonial state too. Once they are back on Union soil, they can be done with her seductive spy games, then they can get back to the important matter of her interrogations and the deadly conspiracy she is involved with. It’s only six days back to Baton Rouge. How difficult can it be?


Judas Rose Trilogy
Book Two

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Alone and with nowhere left to turn Sophie Starling dares the realm of the murderous St. Louis theater owner, Russell Nash to find her lost brother. But she did not count on the seductive and quite unsettling Devil at his side. Was he among those who ruthlessly destroyed her family?

Devil Ryan is glad that the beautiful Sophie Starling is afraid of him. He wants her gone. But now Sophie has caught the eye of Russell Nash and defies Devil’s every attempt to get rid of her while setting a fire in him that threatens to unravel everything.



Judas Rose Trilogy
Book Three

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Magdalena Simon must get married if she is to keep her New Orleans riverboat company from falling into the hands of her wastrel of an uncle. To allow it would be the ruination of her family. Circumstance and time turn her to a ridiculous but desperate hope in curious items she has found hidden aboard one of her boats. Can she really find help in the mysterious ancient treasure map and the strange and cryptic pages that accompany it? She suspects the jaded, tawny headed gambler that has suddenly shown up in her life may be looking for it. With cold disinterest, he has warned her not to put her desperate hopes in him. Can she make him strike a marriage bargain for the prize he seeks? What cold dark secrets rule beneath the insulting disinterest that the cynical Zack Reynes shows her? And what is so important and so dangerous about the prize that he will resort to almost anything to have it in hand, perhaps even deign to marry her?

She made him crave light again. Light he could never have. Even in the guise of Zack Reynes, there is no peace in Logan Kendale’s life, and least of all a place for love. Driven to the ends of himself for a just vengeance, he fights an enemy that will never allow it and one that is bent to destroy everything that is dear to him. Magdalena Simon has no idea of the danger she is daring with her idea of a marriage bargain, but if he leaves her with the prize it may, in the end, be her undoing

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Blue Moon Magic- Anthology

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Suddenly You – by Jacquelyn Lorin — When art restorer Celine Chauvin makes a wish of knowing `who’ the gorgeous man in the portrait she’s been restoring is, she has no idea that wish will land her 130 years in the past and face to face with Mr. Gorgeous himself. Luscious time-travel, delicious Mr. Gorgeous!

Blue Moon Magic from Highland Press offers writers worldwide, many from the No Law Against Love anthology, with enchanting romance tales of what happens when a wish is made on a Blue Moon. Presented as two volumes–Blue Moon Enchantment is the second book–these tales are from all periods, every genre, and showcase award-winning romance writers of today and stars of tomorrow.

Highland Press Authors: Dawn Thompson, Leanne Burroughs, Deborah MacGillivray, Kimberly Ivey, Lee Roland, Billie Warren Chai, Erin E.M. Hatton, Jacquelyn Lorin, Katherine Smith, and Aysel Arwen.

Recipe for Love-Anthology

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KISSING KATE – by Jacquelyn Lorin – When Nick Ballard surprisingly shows up at the Minerva / Ballard family gathering, Kate suspects that his grandmother has a hand in it. After leaving ten years ago, abruptly letting Kate know he wasn’t interested, her sixteen year old heart had broken. Now he’s back, successful and gorgeous as ever and Kate isn’t about to let him trample her heart again.

Recipe For Love AnthologyThrough the ages, sage advice has been handed down from mother-to-daughter that the way to win a man’s heart is through his stomach. Fifteen talented authors set out to prove Mama knows best by cooking up a storm-fifteen stories guaranteed to teach you the Recipe for Love.

Participating Authors: Deborah MacGillivray, Leanne Burroughs, Kristi Ahlers, Amy Blizzard, Gerri Bowen, Billie Warren Chai, Bobbi Dumas, Anne Elizabeth, Victoria Houseman, Jill & Julia, Jacquelyn Lorin, Michelle McGinnis, M.J. Sager, and Diane Davis White

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