This pretty much explains it!

I grew up voraciously devouring historical romantic movies. I watched them in every genre, from the Westerns of America to the Gothic stories set on the misty moors. If it had a historical setting it was all I needed to know. I wanted to watch it. If there was a couple that was going to fall in love despite the obstacles they had to face, then I was in for watching it all the more.

That habit has carried with me into my adult years. Show but a few seconds of historical characters in their setting, add a little dramatic music and  a flash scene that shows their conflict and I need see no more. It is on my list to see.

Wasn’t it inevitable then that as an adult I would add reading historical romances to my feast on everything historical? I was a voracious reader too.

So is it any wonder that scenes play in my head the way they play in videos like this one? I constantly see just such moments  and more playing like a montage in my imagination. Then I have to find out who these characters are that love so powerfully. I have to find out why, and what obstacles they have had to overcome to get to where they are with one another. Then I have to find out what happens next.

I’m glad they let me in on it too as I thoroughly enjoy connecting with them, threshing out their stories and writing them down for them. I feel like very little of what I write is made up. Instead it’s discovered. If I can’t find what’s next in a scene, I know it’s because I haven’t discovered enough about my characters. I dig deep and then they tell me or show me what they would do next.

I didn’t make this video. But it pretty much explains why I write what I do.  With scenes like this constantly playing in my head how can I not write them? I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.