There is a land where legends live

Sons of Tyras Book Two

Lord of Light

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For centuries her people fought a race of men with terrifying powers and silver tongues of deception. How could she have let her guard down?

Brez Elathean betrayed her trust just as Klari thought he would. He’d charmed her, enthralled her, and hid from her what he was, an enemy with frightening powers. He is everything she’s been taught to fear. Everything she’s been taught to destroy, and he has callously taken her heart.

Brez knew what Klari Marisel was. Her people hunted his kind for centuries. To love her was forbidden. Brez knew that going in. To have her was a dangerous game to play. Brez knew that too. When he returns Klari back into the hands of her own people, her trust in him broken, he knows she will never forgive him. Neither will they. Now they seek to destroy him while he has discovered he needs their help more than ever to find an ancient and deadly artifact that could destroy them all.

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The Dragon Lord

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Nick Beldan was dead. On a cold winter day in 1814, Isabel saw it with her own eyes, her beloved husband, laid into his coffin and buried under the good English earth. So how is it now, two years later, in a mysterious castle, in a foreign land, stands this powerful Moldavian lord, Lucian Tiurean, looking in every way like Nick?

Is Lord Tiurean, who is anything but English, capable of weaving delusions into mortal minds? Isabel has been told he is, and it becomes more obvious with each passing day that he is determined to have her. When he blatantly takes her out of the hands of her traveling companions and sends them on their way, Isabel is suddenly left with no help and only her tenacious resolve not to let this frighteningly powerful lord use Nick’s visage to rule her.

He is not even human, as she knows it. So how can she trust anything he’s showing her?

Lucian Tiurean, the Black Dragon of prophecy to his people, wants the impossible, a woman that is forbidden to him, a woman with common blood. For though Isabel Beldan lacks even the smallest scintilla of the power that sings through the blood of his people, the song in her blood stirs an insatiable hunger in him, and a determination to do whatever it takes to have her. But can Isabel accept what he is? Can she forgive his deception to her? And even if she can, does Lucian dare to damn her to the consequence of the Black Dragon claiming her?

It is a price she may pay with her life. For even he does not have the power to usurp what has been foretold.

You thought you knew the legends.

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