Have you noticed?

I have changed the face of my website to represent the new historical fantasy series I am writing. But if you like my American historicals, you can still see them on their own page with their own web format. And these are not the end. I have loved American history since I first was introduced to it in school.  No, before that! My early childhood Saturdays were spent devouring the western movies along with any other historical movie I could find. I have story ideas, so I am sure I will be back to more of those again.
abiline-town-1946-randolf-scott-guild-productions-incunited-artists-us-public-domain-date-of-publicationcopyright-ot-renewedcommons-wikimedia-orgAh, I remember those days. I slept in late while my younger siblings watched the morning cartoons. And when I got up, the TV was all mine and old American historical movies dominated the airwaves. Cable was a new thing then and our family did not splurge for it, so there were only the network channels. I guess I have always had an affinity for both story and history.


Inage: abiline-town-1946-randolf-scott-guild-productions-incunited-artists-us-public-domain-date-of-publicationcopyright-ot-renewedcommons-wikimedia-org